We're with the band

This week my partner Gage and I photographed a pretty rad group from Guelph called VERSA. One of the band members also happens to be my cousin. The audiovisual collective is led by Monika Hauck and Alex Ricci. We wanted to work around this year's Winter Stations in the Beaches and also capture the essence of these neat people. An element of their band that is really unique is that they pair the music with projections that visualize sound, so I incorporated a couple of their projections into the photos as well.  Here are a few of my favourite shots.


Kelly + John

Here are a couple of my favourite moments from the last wedding my partner and I shot. Kelly and John found us through Instagram and we were very excited to shoot the wedding of two people we didn't already know! We were also a little nervous - but that went away very quickly after meeting the ultra laid back couple. Photographing a wedding in this case barely felt like work. The location was beautiful, the people welcomed us as if we were there as guests and it's truly an amazing experience to be around people who are happy and celebrating such a milestone day.